The world is celebrating the mental health day today with hopes of spreading awareness about the most prevalent and also the least discussed health problem. These Mental health problems have been a dilemma for quite a long time now.

According to WHO, the mental disorders effect one in four people which shows how prevalent these mental disorders are. Of what I know, one of the primary reasons for the prevalence is that people do not recognize “a disturbed mental state” as a disorder or a problem. You often hear people saying “It’s all in the head.” Or “Just snap out of it”. But the fact is it is not. A person with a mental disorder does not make that all up in his head. A mental disorder occurs to a person just as diabetes or hypertension does and it also requires treatment like any other physical disorder. So, Mental Health Problems do exist.

We all are quite familiar with Depression, Anxiety, OCD and other common ‘terms’ like these and we use them very often in our conversations. We know depression as an adjective to be used when we feel really really sad but we do not realize how serious this medical condition is and we might be undermining somebody’s reality. So, recognize disorders as disorders and don’t use them as adjectives.

As every other thing, the society has also set standards for mental health. We often hear things like “Mental disorders do not require treatment, you can snap out of them if you really want to.” But the fact is mental disorders do require treatment like physical disorders.

Not everybody having a mental disorder is insane or violent. This is yet again a stigma associated to mental health. Telling people to consult a psychiatrist for professional help is one of the most difficult thing to do since the immediate reaction you get is “Do you think we are insane?” This is mainly because the society has labeled psychiatrists as “Doctors who treat the insane people.” This is again not true.

Generally, the people refrain from seeking professional help. Either because they believe only the ‘insane’ people require help or they are embarrassed of their condition and shy away from going to a psychiatrist. There is nothing wrong with going to a psychiatrist to seek help for your mental problems.

So, If somebody talks to you about their mental problems don’t laugh it off. Try and stamp out the stigmas from their heads and ask them to seek help. Lastly, If you thing you are having a mental problem that is affecting your everyday life don’t hesitate to seek help.





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