You are important.

You were born. People rejoiced because you came into existence. You were the world to your parents. You were important.
From your first tooth to your first step and to the first word you ever said, you were encouraged for you were important.
You learned to walk and to talk. You were taught to tie your shoes, comb your hair and to button your shirt. You were taught all that was important to survive because you were important.
You started going to school. You worked hard and got encouragement. You made new friends who would call you at 12:00 on your birthday to tell you that you were important.
You grew up to reach your teens. You were in love. You actually felt important. But you were soon to realize you weren’t.
Now that you are no more with the one you said you loved, you feel like its the end. All those thoughts that come and go and all those fears you have in your mind make you feel unimportant.
You cry hard or even tear apart but believe me, YOU WERE IMPORTANT AND YOU STILL ARE IMPORTANT.
You are important to your parents who brought you up with love and care. You are important to your siblings and to your friends who were there for you when nobody was. You are important to many but you may not realize. It is all about finding and judging the people who really care. And to love the ones who are worth it. And not to let people fool you, remember, YOU ARE IMPORTANT !